Mission and vision


The EDHF Mission

EDHF is a European non-profit organization connecting and empowering the voices of European dental hygienists by creating a platform for exchange and collaboration between national dental hygienists’ associations and other European Oral Health and General Health organizations. EDHF promotes the profession of dental hygiene as an active and independent healthcare profession essential in the prevention of oral diseases across Europe. 

The EDHF Vision
EDHF is dedicated to gain recognition of the role of the profession of dental hygiene in oral health care within Europe and to work proactively with its members to foster access and create a significant impact on high-quality preventive oral health care as part of overall health in Europe.

The EDHF intend to
  • Strengthen the dental hygienist profession by, for example, working towards recognition of the profession in all European countries;
  • Collaborate on dental hygiene training, continuous education, and professional growt;
  • Promote/Disseminate the Common Education Curriculum (CEC) for dental hygienists in Europe;
  • Support each other in professional development, scientifically, in the labor market, at universities, and through interdisciplinary collaboration with other health care professionals;
  • Contribute to the advancement and improvement of oral health in society.

Funding and Sponsorship
The EDHF’s core activity is financed exclusively from membership fees paid by the Federation member associatons.

The Federation is supported by partners:
Oral-B, Pierre Fabre Oral Care, Dentaid, Colgate and Sunstar