The oral health training platform

This platform is developed through a collaboration between EDHF and Pierre Fabre Oral Care to meet the needs of continuing education for dental hygienists.

The Oral Health Professional Training platform aims to strengthen the preventive role of the dental hygienist in the work of maintaining good oral health. The training will increase the opportunity for the dental hygienist to move and have an exchange within Europe. It will also generally increase awareness and knowledge of the importance of good oral health in the population.

The course content has been developed within an Erasmus + EuHyDens project and the modules in the Oral Health Professional Training Platform will be further developed and adapted by partners from EuHyDens’ project group and educators.
The learning method used is called the “Adaptive Learning Method” and has been chosen to meet different levels of background knowledge of dental hygienists. The courses are based on evidence and best practice through close collaboration with university programs. The courses should also reflect the need in society, which is met through close contact with employers and other stakeholders involved in health issues.

The Oral Health Professional Training Platform has courses for free and dental hygienists in Europe should be able to enjoy these courses.